Happy PAL-entine’s Day

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. Cupid Day. The Day of Love. Whichever way you slice it, people always find a way to complain about it. The unattached expound upon all the ways this day brings to the surface their every anxiety about dying alone. The coupled kids worry about the perfect gift for their main hang. Well, to those people I say this (and I say it in a super-sassy way while snapping my fingers): quit your bellyaching! Word on the street is that Valentine’s Day wasn’t established as a celebration of romantic love until the Middle Ages – and what did those people know anyway (besides, you know, all of those advances in technology and philosophical thought)? Instead of focusing on that special someone (whether you’ve found him/her or not), why not focus on those special someones or somethings that really get your heart pumping? I’ll start.

In the spirit of my unequivocal love of television and in an effort to keep your minds off of all the mushy-gushy romantic junk flying at you today, here’s a list of [some of] my favorite platonic relationships on TV:

Max and Penny, Happy Endingsimage

For as much as Max humiliates her, takes sheer pleasure in watching her life crumble and tells her how crazy she is, his reaction of pure joy when Penny got engaged was a display of true, selfless happiness.


Saul and Carrie, Homelandimage

While their relationship started as professional, this mentor/mentee duo are always there for each other outside of the office (or interrogation room, depending on the day). Saul’s having marriage trouble? Carrie’s there to lend an ear. Carrie has a complete mental breakdown requiring Electroshock Treatment? Saul’s in the recovery room – with soup!


Liz and Jack, 30 Rockimage

Speaking of the mentor/mentee dynamic, Liz and Jack provide such a great example of building a support system both on and off the job. Over the course of the series, the two grew from colleagues to confidants. Jack applied his Six Sigma leadership skills to both Liz’s professional life and personal life, and Liz proved to be one of Jack’s biggest defenders.


The Bunheads, Bunheadsimage

Whether you favor Boo, the bubbly bunhead, Ginny, the blonde bunhead played by Bailey Buntain, Sasha, the sometimes-bossy bunhead, or Mel, the bunhead with the brother, you can’t deny that this pirouetting pack of speed-speakers is one close clique.


Leslie and Ann, Parks and Recreationimage

Is it not incredibly refreshing to see a relationship between two women that is grounded so deeply in support and admiration for one another? Allow me to illustrate using their own words:

“Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.” –Leslie Knope

“I love her so much, but I think I’m going to draw a mustache on her face.” –Ann Perkins 


Fred and Carrie, Portlandiaimage

Nothing says friendlove quite like matching, monogrammed twin beds. 

Have a very happy PALentine’s day! 

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